Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Teton Family Trip 2008

We just returned from our best family vacation that hopefully results in an annual trip for many years to come. We stayed in a "tent-cabin" at the Colter Bay campground in Teton Nat'l Park. (Colter Bay is part of Jackson Lake)

Views from the Outside and Inside of our campsite. Not quite roughin' it.

The kids had a blast chasing squirrels, water-skiing on the lake (thanks Edgley's), burn stuff in the fire, trying to catch minnows, seeing foxes run through the camp-site, visit Old Faithful and the Mud Pots in Yellowstone, pony rides, and burn stuff in the fire, smores almost every night, and burn more stuff in the fire.

See you next year. Aug 2009


go boo boo said...

It was a fun trip. Thanks AK for the driving and burning and visiting. Love, Moi

Trevlyn said...

What a great vacation! You guys look awesome and I MISS YOU ALL SOO MUCH!!!

Jody said...

yes, yes, the kids are diffently taking after their father with the burn stuff. Growing up he couldn't get enough of it. Remeber behind the barn Andy? Sounds like a great trip and one I would really like. I've been sleeping outside in my tent since July 4th! Love and Hugs

susanstayner said...

Looks fun to me. And I love the smore thing every night. of course, you make the best fires!!!!!

MarySue said...

Look's fantastic! What was your weather/temps like? Anyone else getting ideas?

Raike said...

Great!! You are looking great in those photos from your vacation trip.

Paola said...

Great!! You are looking great in those photos from your vacation trip.

Melanie said...
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MarySue said...


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